The Chosen One

When I think of the great men of the bible I always think of David and subconsciously I always think of Saul as this monster or other Goliath, David had had to face. However in the very beginning of 1 Samuel I got the chance to see a different side of Saul. I saw that Saul was the son of a faithful father, he was a good son as he spent three days searching for his father’s donkey when it got lost. I also saw him as the man who hid when he was supposed to be publicly anointed as King but I also how after being told he would be King, the spirit of God came over him and he was changed. I saw a Saul who kept silent when some of his own people rejected him as King. He was a considerate son, shy, very handsome (the bibles words, not mine), tall – a head taller than everyone else even when all of Israel was assembled, and it’s perfectly clear that Saul was chosen and chosen for a reason.

I love the way the way the bible explains his encounter because it was so subtle but important. God had told Samuel the day before that he would meet the man that God wanted to be King. God then confirmed it to Samuel when Saul was spotted. Most of us know this part where Samuel tells him “come with me and by the way your father’s donkey has already been found” all before Saul has even said anything.

Saul, up to that moment was just looking for a donkey, he was just trying to help his father. In his mind he was going about his daily life, living what seemed to be normal days where sometimes donkeys go missing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to him. He wasn’t even looking for Samuel, his servant was the one who said “hey, maybe the seer in this town can help us find the donkey,” but he definitely wasn’t searching to become King. However God had plans for him. God guided his steps toward Samuel who brought him closer to the presence of God because after leaving Samuel, the bible says his heart was changed.

I understand from this that sometimes we think that nothing is happening in our lives or around us or that we’re just like everybody else, and we start to hate the things about us that make us stand out or that change our lives. However our thoughts can be very wrong. We may be going about our lives while God has this great plan heading our way, we may think that we’re normal when really we’re called to stand out. We may think that we’re too shy to do anything great when God’s already getting ready to push us into greatness. We might even think that something went wrong in our lives, like the donkey running away, when really something went right. We tend to forget that small moments or encounters can change our lives and that they can happen any day, any time.

There are so many people who might be like Saul, ready to hide when God’s calling us forth but even after Saul hid, God still said “Do you see the man the Lord has chosen? There is no one like him among all the people.” No matter how imperfect, not ready, or shy you may think you are, God knows you better. So no matter how ordinary and boring your life may seem God can still come at any moment and no matter how dull your path may seem God can still use it to lead you to greatness. So don’t look down on where you are right now, don’t look down on yourself either because not only does God see great things in you but he is willing to draw it out and guide you to more.


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