To Will

When I was in high school I had this one English teacher for three years and while I learned many things from her, recently a particular incident came back to my mind. There was a day when she asked us a question and it rocked me so much, along with the responses everyone else gave. I remember that I felt like I needed to give her my answer but the bell rang before I could but still that moment stuck with me.

The question she asked was in relation to dreams, can you do something just by willing it and I think she had specified it by asking, “for example can you get to the moon just by willing yourself to do so?” The whole entire classroom erupted with “no’s”, they began explaining how no matter how much you want to get to the moon you can’t just keep going outside and looking at it saying “one day” or “is it today?” They seemed completely convinced in their answers but they surprised me. My automatic answer was yes.

The reason why I was saying yes in my mind is not because I believed in magic or fairy godmothers or that somehow the cosmos would work for the achievement of impossible desires, heck no. The reason why I believed in this is because from my perspective I believed and still believe that if you want something bad enough you can get it. My teacher had never specified that the person could only stand there looking up at the moon so in my mind I pictured a person who willed themselves to the moon, so they try each and every single thing within their power to get there. They try to lasso the moon. Fail. They try to climb a ladder to the moon. Fail. They start building a machine. Fail. They try it again but a little differently. Fail. They try again. Success, and suddenly they are on the moon. Just because you will or have the deep desire for something to happen doesn’t mean that you are doing nothing. It doesn’t mean you aren’t trying.

So what I’m trying to say here is that a lot of times in life it’ll feel like you are in a classroom full of people telling you that you can’t just will for something to happen. They think that willing, hoping, and persevering for something that looks impossible to happen is like looking up at the moon and waiting to arrive. Sometimes you yourself will be that classroom full of students and you’ll forget that you have hands, feet, and a mind capable of creating possibilities. Many things will try to dissuade you but you still need the will to achieve your desire. What you need to do next is try everything to get there? Yes, you will fail at times because sometimes that’s what it takes. Sometimes you’re a bird that falls from the nest and learns right away to just spread its wings but sometimes you’re that newly birthed giraffe stumbling repeatedly before walking. Others might laugh at your attempts but that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. Don’t listen to them- not their laughs or their “no’s”, keep trying, and don’t be afraid to fail or try new things. Another important thing though is that you can’t be afraid to succeed- that can stop as many dreams as doubt. Be bold and willing to step out into the unknown of success and failure or you’ll be forced to stay where you are and always have been.


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