Defining Beautiful

Do you know that you are beautiful? You were born as a beautiful formation of a human being and are constantly evolving and maturing in your own beauty, like a sauce marinating on the stove. You’re beauty is like a super power and it is growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. You are beautiful. It’s not a lie, it’s not a trick, and these words aren’t meant for someone else. These words are meant for you- You. Are. Beautiful.

Growing up I’ve learned that the way I look at people is a little different. It changes over time and I’ve also realized that when I look at someone I never consider them ugly. Instead what happens is that as I learn about their dreams, passions, goals, obstacles, and the things they’ve been through in their lives, people become more and more beautiful to me. Why? Because it is beautiful to see someone be strong even when they feel weak, to see them persevere and continue to live, to dream. It’s beautiful to see people who are confident in themselves and what they can do but also to see people capable of the impossible even when they are unaware of it.

So many people have struggled through things, whether by their own mistakes or those of others, or simply just life happening, and sometimes they have had other people leaning on them for strength at the same time. If that’s you I hope you realize that you’ve been strong and you’ve been hurt but you are still here. I want you to know that you are beautiful and that there is beauty in your strength even if you don’t always feel it. It’s like the heroes in movies, you know them, those who come running out of the fire looking like crap, who come crawling out of the rubble bruised and broken, and who no matter how surprised you are that they are still alive, there they are still fighting. I love those heroes because they’re true to the heroes in real life. They bruise, they fall, they have a choice, and they get up. That’s beautiful.

Yes, I do keep repeating that word, all the better for you to get acquainted with it. BEAUTIFUL. YOU. Let those two words become interchangeable in your mind because sometimes it’s hard to hear words like that and oftentimes it’s hard because we don’t believe it. However I want to challenge you to believe it, to speak it over yourself every time you look in the mirror. I also want you to say thank you every time someone recognizes it, instead of saying “oh please,” or “not really,” or laughing it off. Just say thank you, smile, and carry on. It’s time for you to recognize that your life is like a story with ups and downs and obstacles but with each day you carry on, you get to be the hero in your own story. You already are the hero of your own story and if no one else has said it to you before let me say it now, you are powerful and I am amazed by you.

Stay beautiful.


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