Whose Life is it Anyway?

In our generation we seem to be so fascinated by the phrase YOLO and we all look at it differently. Some people see it as an excuse to do reckless things and approach death sooner, some people see it as inspiration to live their lives to the fullest, some people see it as stupidity, and others just don’t care. If there is a right and wrong in these understandings of YOLO, I would say that the best way to look at it is as inspiration. The truth is we do only live once however before it can inspire us to live our lives to the fullest, we first have to make sure we are living our own lives.

Sometimes we can get caught up in this mess of voices chiming in on our lives and we get caught up on what other people think we should do and where we should go. There’s nothing wrong with taking the advice of the people you cherish in your life but when you let that lead you in your life, whose life are you living. The problem is that when they lead you into a mistake or doing something you regret doing, not saying that they will, you will pay the price for that and you will want to blame them for it. However at the end of the day you made the decision you just didn’t make it for you.

This is not to say that you don’t need people who will speak into your life. Wrong. You do. In life we do need other people by our side to support and encourage us, cry and laugh and be happy with, and to exchange true and honest advice with. We need this because we don’t know everything and sometimes we’re a bit blind because of emotions or circumstances. We need to have voices we trust to listen to but we have to be the final voices in our decisions.

It is not fair to the people around you to rely on them to make your decisions for you because you are then almost literally placing your life in their hands or turning yourself into a small child and them into your parents. Those who would want to give you honest advice will hesitate out of fear that you’ll do it and hold them responsible for whatever outcome you get when it was just advice. Even parents can’t run your life because when you become an adult, you become responsible for yourself, everyone around you can advise but you choose where to go, what to do, and who to be. Your parents no longer have the responsibility to make sure you grow up well, you are already grown. Their responsibility now is to give you guidance and be your support as you go out into the world.

Living your life by other people is also not fair to you. If you live your life trying to make everyone else happy or doing what others want you to do but neglecting what you truly want to do, then how will you be happy? How can you be happy living someone else’s life. So stop doing that. Whether people are trying to force you to live a certain way or you’re choosing to make their advice a lifestyle, I want you to remember that you have your own common sense and that your life is built on your decisions. The whole world could give you ten thousand varying options but it’s your decision that matters, so let it be made out of what you actually want. So go out into the world, listen to advice, the advice of people you trust in your life, but make your own decisions so that you can truly live your own life to the fullest. YOLO.


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