Say No to Death

At some point in my life I had worked in the floral department of a grocery store and although it was a miserable time for me there are a few things I learned. With flowers when leaves or pieces of their leaves have died you have to get rid of the death. The process of getting rid of it is called culling and it’s done because when you leave the dead parts of a plant on the plant it allows for more death to spread. It’s almost as though the dead was sending a signal to the living. So to prevent this, you have to take out what has already died.

I was thinking about this the other day and started to think about people. Sometimes we have things in our lives that die but that we try to hold onto anyway. Like people who are in relationships where it’s clear both people no longer want to be there but they stay. Or friendships where it’s clear both people have grown apart but they both stay. Or jobs where it’s clear you no longer are passionate about it and actually hate it but you stay.

Always, always, always people stay where they don’t want to be, when they could be somewhere else. Staying seems like the best option because you don’t want to hurt somebody else, or take a risk at something new but the truth is it’s the worst option. When you keep the dead things, the death spreads and makes things worse. Such as relationships where both don’t want to be there but they stay and then somebody cheats and hurts the other person even more than they would have if they had just left. They kill the trust they had had in their relationship and bury it right next to their passion. Then there are those moments when you spend time with people or things that don’t make you happy and you are cheating yourself out of happiness. In terms of relationships, you are cheating the other person out of happiness too because your happiness flows off of each other. The best memories I have had with friends, have been when we were both having fun. If they weren’t enjoying their time, how could I?

Aside from this I also learned that sometimes things only appear dead when they can actually be brought back to life. So what I suggest and even tell myself is that we need to take a look at our lives and find the things that have lost a sense of life. We need to take those things and give them one last chance, whether it’s a job that we need to show up to for another week with a positive attitude, or a relationship we need to try to spice up. If they revive then they weren’t really dead but were dying. Which means that they weren’t being taken care of or being properly handled- not being harsh that’s just how plants work. However if they do die then it’s time to let them go and although that may seem scary or painful it is necessary. It’s not until the flowers are culled that they can revive and be full of life and color again. So just like plants when you’re surrounded by death and unhappiness you need to cut it out so that you can revive and be full of life again. Don’t let your whole being die because of one dead leaf.


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