Do you.

Do you know that every single one of us is special? We are all created so differently that even people who look like us still can’t be us. I had seen this girl on Youtube who found a group of her dopplegangër’s and she took a DNA test with them to see if they were closely related to her. In the end none of them were. While she might have had a strong origin in Europe, some had a strong origin in Africa, others in Asia, and others were a complete mix. Internally, the origin history of how they came about and ended up looking the way they looked, was different. The same applies to twins, they may look alike but only people who don’t know them can’t tell them apart and the reason behind this is that no one can be you or replace you.

Even if someone doesn’t look like you but maybe has the same dreams or passions as you, they still can’t do it like you can. There will be a difference in the way that they express it and the way they go about achieving those goals. Such as with music, two people can write a song based on the same word or idea but like Beyoncé and Justin Bieber, the word sorry will come out sounding different.

What this means is that no two people are alike- we are all genetically different, we experience life differently, learn different things from life, and as a result we express ourselves and our desires differently. Then, within all of these uniquely made people are unique gifts and talents that no one can replicate and because of those gifts, we all have something we can give to this world that no one else can. Doesn’t that mean that for every moment we sit on our coaches doing nothing, for every moment we spend trying to be someone else, and every moment we spend running away from the things we love- for whatever reason- we are depriving the world of something it will never see without us. Think of it this way, there was only one Einstein, Mother Theresa, Dr. Seuss, Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Galileo, Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman, or Da Vinci. There was only one of these people who changed history in their own special ways and while perhaps some of them might not seem very special to you they still positively influenced the lives of so many around them and after them. There is just something powerful about someone who is doing what they are meant to do, that allows them to make a difference and influence lives. Had they given up on those passions they might have succeeded at whatever else they did but it wouldn’t have been in the same way they succeeded in what they were passionate about. Or imagine if those people had gotten caught up in trying to be like someone else, they wouldn’t have been able to find the success that was already lying within them and they would have been disappointed at not achieving someone else’s success.

So my suggestion, even to myself, is that we need to remember that we are irreplaceable. We need to get into the mindset that we don’t have to be like anyone else because we are unique and different and are capable of changing the world around us simply by being who we are. That change doesn’t have to look like being the next Mother Theresa but it can look like a teacher who inspires students instead of tearing them down or a person who chooses to be their kind self to the people around them and because of that someone’s life is saved. It could be a person painting what they want and inspiring others or even inspiring another artist to try a new technique and therefore sparking a new style of painting. Changing the world just looks like being you and no matter how hard that can be sometimes no one else can do it and it’s a lot easier than being somebody else. So go out into the world and be you, unapologetically you.


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