Peace by Fly

Imagine you are sitting calmly and peacefully in your room, that cozy place of joy and warmth. You are focused on some sort of entertainment, minding your own business, in your own perfect world where nothing can bother you, and “can’t touch this” could be your theme song. When suddenly you hear it, that familiar buzzing in the air and you don’t know how it happened but somehow a fly has entered your room. In this moment your peace and calm are shattered as it flies by your face and next to your ears, tauntingly, because it knows you can’t catch it. In fact, you know you can’t catch it either but still you try. You grab a book, a shoe, or towel and try to kill it, running around your room and knocking things over blindly. In a moment the peace and calm that existed in your room is dead.

Now, as random as that story is, it is also the perfect description of how crazy I looked a couple of times throughout this summer. That is until one point where I came to the complete and total understanding that I CAN’T CATCH FLIES. Although this should be something I understood long before I destroyed my room over it, it hadn’t sunk in yet until that moment. I then sat there in my room and for a few minutes I prayed that the fly would die (cruel, I know, I’m sorry) but as I soon saw that God didn’t want to kill the fly, the thought also came, what about peace?

Now this little thought dropped sweetly by God into my mind changed everything because with it I remembered all my prayers about wanting to be filled with peace and calm and I remembered the peace I had had before the fly entered my room. In my prayers that came from my deepest moments with God I had prayed for a peace that could not be moved or swayed by anything, that no enemy or person could come in and take my peace from me. It was a powerful prayer in the moment, which I really wanted to become true and with this memory of my prayer I realized that God does listen and answer but not always in the way you want him to.

I slowly began to realize that this is just one example of a situation where I could still have peace. That as much as I would like for God to just drop it into my list of characteristics it was also a choice and in the face of the fly taunting me it was a hard choice but still a choice that I made. I chose to focus on God, instead of the noise around me. I chose to focus on how God created that fly, as well as me. I focused on how God created that fly to be so small and yet so significant that if no flies existed in the world, the whole world would be affected. Then slowly by slowly I found my peace.

From this one little moment in my day, I learned what it means to truly have peace in any situation because in truth even other people who can get on our nerves are created and loved by God. They are capable of affecting the whole world around them as well as us. Even situations we can be placed in can feel like noise that slowly creeps into our areas of peace to attack or taunt us. They can stir us to step away from that peace and join in creating the chaos. However, what I have learned from this fly because of God is that we can still choose peace, and to choose peace even in the most infuriating of times is to choose God, and God never runs out of peace to give.


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