Hold Onto Me

As I am writing this, the song Unsteady has been stuck in my head for two days and I have no idea why. However going with the Jesus flow, I think I have found something God wanted to speak to me through this song or he decided that while it’s in my head he might as well tell me something. So I was going over the chorus, which are the only lyrics I know, “hold onto me, ‘cuz I’m a little unsteady… If you love me, don’t let go.” What I thought was interesting was the fact that the person singing isn’t saying that I’m unsteady so I’m going to hold onto you but instead they are asking this person to hold onto them while they are unsteady.

Listening to that God just revealed to me how usually when we’re going through things we want to hold onto God and we try our hardest to remind ourselves of faith. Personally I would repeat the phrase that even the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains, but at the end of the day I could still feel unsteady. Just imagine a person who is unsteady, you might know that they are trying really hard to hold on but their grip is too weak. God then had me think of a child/baby holding onto their dad but all they can really hold is a finger and that alone won’t save them from falling. However it makes more sense for the dad to hold onto the baby.

Well, to God we are those babies trying so hard to hold onto him when all we really need is for him to hold onto us. I think the problem we run into is that we hear so many things and/or people who say things to the effect that our faith is too weak and we need to increase it. We then start to feel as though the reason why we are having a hard time is because our faith is weak. However Jesus didn’t say, when your faith is as small as a mustard seed, it’ll have to sit and grow a bit before anything will move. He said even the smallest of faith will move mountains and to move mountains is no little thing. The faith we already have can do so much. So what is it that we need to do?

God then led me to Peter and the classic story of him walking on water with Jesus. A lot of people like to look down on Peter because he looked away, because he sunk in the water, and because when Jesus picked him up again Jesus said “oh you of little faith”. However when Jesus tells Peter that he has little faith, he is still pointing out that Peter has faith and that little amount of faith allowed him to walk on water when everyone else was too scared to even ask. Jesus says Peter has little faith when he is the same person who said a little was enough. He’s not saying the amount necessarily is the problem, the problem was with what Peter was putting his faith into.

When Peter looked at the waves and got scared he put more faith, or at least more attention, onto the waves than onto Jesus. His faith was enough for him to do miraculous things but if you don’t have your eyes on God, then you will distract yourself with what’s around you and feel as though you are powerless when you’re not. In the same way when we are struggling we, or at least I, tend to try to force myself to have faith when in truth however amount of faith I have is enough. But by forcing myself to have faith over a situation, I am reminding myself of the situation and allowing that to be all that I focus on. It’s like I keep telling myself, God will provide the money, God will provide the money, I have faith that God will provide the money and it just keeps reminding me that I don’t have money.

So when we get into situations like that where all we see are the things rising up against us or all the difficulties, we need to be like Peter because in the end when he saw the waves he didn’t tell Jesus “I’m holding onto you” or “I have faith that God can save me”, and so on. No, Peter says “Jesus save me” and right away Jesus pulled him up. In this situation all I can see is that either way Jesus was his savior. If he had kept his eyes on Jesus he never would have sunk but when he was sinking all he had to do was cry out to Jesus to be saved. Peter never had to do anything in his own power or strength or memory or knowledge and neither do we. We don’t have to force ourselves to have faith to be saved, we just need to call on the savior. We just need to say, I’m a little unsteady, I’m a little broke, or I’m not too good right now, Jesus save me. Though it may seem really simple he will come and hold onto you.



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