The Life challenge

They ask you when the last time it was that you “did something for the first time” and all the crap like that


Don’t Stop at Hashtags

To the people alive in the time I’m writing this. I know you see the people of color dying on the streets in America, whether you see it on your news or on social media. I know you’re aware that they were shot by cops or by random people. You’re aware that it has nothing … Continue reading Don’t Stop at Hashtags

Do Anything

The other day a friend came over and as we caught up on our lives I asked her the only question I seem to be asking people these days. While everyone asks about school and money and jobs, I asked her if she liked what she was doing, if she was happy, regardless of what … Continue reading Do Anything


  Sometimes I wonder how so much can change in so little time and yet we still look the same. That after three years of change this girl still looks like me. She smiles because the sun is on her skin, but still doesn’t know how to smile for photos, she loves long drives and … Continue reading Change